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Horst Bardehle - Consulting, Interim Management & Advisory Board


360-degree analysis

Comprehensive investigation of the company to identify weak points and potential for improvement.

Goal: well-founded decisions on the basis of data.

For: companies that want to know where they really stand.

Business model development

Review and adjustment of the business model for competitive advantages.

Goal: flexibility and adaptability in the market.

For: companies that want to want to rethink their business model.

Optimization of processes & workflows

Identification of bottlenecks and inefficient processes.

Goal: increased efficiency and cost reduction.

For: companies that want to want to optimize processes.

Strategy consulting

Development of long-term goals and strategies for sustainable success.

Goal: clarity and direction for the company.

For: managers and Entrepreneurs with vision.

Crisis management

Support with coping unexpected challenges.

Goal: limit damage and maintain business operations.

For: companies in crisis situations.

Transformation processes

Support during change processes in the company.

Goal: successful implementation of turnarounds and realignments.

For: companies that want to develop further.

Business Coaching

Individual advice and sparring for entrepreneurs and managers.

Goal: increase performance and targets reach. Effective crisis management.

For: managers who want to grow personally.

Qualification & further training

Training courses and workshops for managers and employees.

Objective: to expand skills and secure competitive advantages.

For: companies that invest in their employees want to invest.


Development of sales strategies and sales process optimization.

Goal: increase sales and customer loyalty.

For: companies that want to want to increase sales success.

Interim management

Assumption of temporary management positions in the company. Focused on operational implementation and problem solving in the consulting fields mentioned.

Advisory board activity as a certified advisory board member

For companies that are not obliged to form a supervisory board, the voluntary formation of an advisory board can be an invaluable advantage , the supervisory board can be a valuable addition for companies that are not obliged to form a supervisory board. This applies not only in the event of a crisis or change of ownership. It is important that companies in not become careless in supposedly good times and to minimize possible challenges and risks. Make opportunities. Sound financial planning, risk management and a clever strategic alignment is crucial in order to be successful even under changing conditions.

My work as a certified advisory board is characterized by the following:

Professional expertise

Broad expertise and experience. This helps with strategic decisions, risk minimization and opportunity recognition.

Strategic planning

Support with long-term strategies. Sharpening the company's vision. The right paths for growth and success.

Quality standard

My certification by Beirat-BW e.V. ensures defined quality criteria.

Risk management

Identification, assessment and solutions for risks and crisis management. experience in crisis management.

Independent perspective

Independent of operational management. Objective view and critical questions for management.

Long-term partnership

Advisory board as sustainable support for the realization of real added value.

Network & contacts

Extensive network facilitates contact with potential customers, suppliers and partners.

Governance & Compliance

Contribution to good corporate governance. Support for compliance with laws and regulations.

Memberships - Partners

Member of Beirat BW. “Beirat BW” stands for Beirat-BW e.V., an initiative of qualified advisory boards that focuses on SMEs. The association offers support in the selection and appointment of advisory boards, which serve as sparring partners for entrepreneurial decisions and challenges

The Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism
Baden-Württemberg promotes strategic consulting around
the transformation of the automotive industry.
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